Welcome to your one-stop premier expert on Family Travel. 

My name is Christine Scheeler, and I am so happy you have stopped by my little corner of the internet!    I have been a travel planner for decades, but, in 2019, I opened the doors to Adventure the World Travels, LLC, so that I could work with remarkable families helping them create vacations that told their stories.   I am a firm believer that no two families are the same, and neither should your vacations be!

One of my favorite lyrics is:

One little spark, of inspiration
Is at the heart, of all creation.

A dream, can be, a dream come true. 
With just
that spark, from me and you.


I believe that all travel starts with an idea… a dream… and I work with my clients to turn that spark of an idea into a full-fledged page-turning chapter to be added to their vacation story!!!

From theme parks and dream-worthy destinations like Hawaii and Paris to all those insta-worthy bucket-list road trips in between, I am here for your travel planning needs – from the start to the time you return home from your extraordinary adventure!

Welcome to your next great adventure!!! 


At Adventure the World Travels, LLC, we are travel experts with a passion for travel.   We are dedicated to building life-long relationships with our clients, so we get to know your unique interests and personal preferences to create current and future exclusive travel experiences with memories to last a lifetime.

Our agency is also a proud member of Travel Quest and Travel Leaders Networks, giving us a vast network of the world’s finest travel suppliers.  We leverage our relationships with our Travel Leader’s preferred travel partners around the world to ensure VIP treatment and the highest level of customer service throughout your stay.

As a full-service agency, we help busy families understand, plan, and book incredible vacations full of wonder, adventure, and fun. From start to finish, your family’s vacation is my priority and we focus on all the details and timelines so that you can focus on your family and the memory-making fun!


Not only am I a Life-long Travel Planner, Disney Expert, RoadTripper & autism mom! My life motto is if “You dream it, I can plan it!”  I truly live by these words for my own travel plans, and as your Certified Vacation Planner, I have worked to stay ahead of trends and suppliers so that I remain highly educated and experienced in all things Disney and Universal, as well as, those dream-worthy destinations like Hawaii, Europe, Caribbean, Cruising – Ocean AND River, and so much more!!!

I have earned numerous accreditations, such as Travel Leaders Trusted Travel Advisor and Leisure Learning Specialist Certifications.   I have also worked toward my Cruiseing Industry Certified Cruise Counselor, as well as being a Family Cruise Specialist.

My specialties don’t stop there though, I also have certifications and accreditations as an Autism Certified Travel Professional, Expert Hawaii and Alaska Destination Expert, and so many other certifications and achievements!  Learning and staying up-to-date is important to me so I am the best travel advisor for you.

In fact, continuing education courses require visits to many of these destinations multiple times each year, and are constantly doing research to ensure we are up to date at all times on all things travel. We are the experts so you don’t have to be!

Disney/Universal/Sea World Specific Services!

Wow!!!  I love what I do and one of the things I love the most is helping families have the most magical time they can when they visit the theme parks.

As a life-long pass holder and visitor to all the parks as a small child with my mom, and now with my kids (now teens), I have had over 25 years of experience with navigating all things Disney and Universal!  As a mother, I have even had the experience of navigating theme parks with a disabled child with autism and special diets.  I know all the quiet spots, where the best bathrooms are, and where to cool off while enjoying a quick snack!

My goal when working with you to plan your trip is to help you understand all the things that go into a theme park vacation.  These vacations can often cost more than a trip to Europe, so I know how important it is that you maximize the magic experience for your family vacation.